PGN files

PGN (Portable Game Notation) is a standard human-readable plain-text format for recording chess games and their annotations.

Virtually all chess database and engine software supports PGN files, so you are able play through the moves and analysis in our DVDs and videos on a board, and analyse with a computer.

There is plenty of suitable chess database software, much of it free, available for all common operating systems. Additionally, many online chess servers support uploading PGN files for playback in your web browser ( and are two).

Do all Ginger GM DVDs and videos come with PGN files?

At present, no. All recent and future Ginger GM DVDs and courses will do so, but we're still working on our back catalogue.  There's a full list below (last updated 2019-01-14):

Title PGN files available? Notes
Ultimate Attacking Guide - Volume 1 Yes Fully annotated
How to Win Chess Tournaments Yes Fully annotated
The Leningrad Dutch
Yes Heavily annotated
Killer Endgames No
Killer d4 Yes Very lightly annotated
Plaskett's Greatest Hits No
Sokolov Explains No
Killer Grand Prix Yes Lightly annotated
Killer Dragon Yes Lightly annotated
Secrets of Positional Sacrifices
Yes Very lightly annotated
The Lazy Najdorf Yes Lightly annotated
Killer Dutch Yes Lightly annotated
Tiger on the Modern Yes Heavily annotated
Improve Your Practical Play No
Killer c3 Sicilian Yes Very lightly annotated
Crash Test Chess - Using the Initiative Yes Very lightly annotated
Killer French No
Crash Test Chess - Thinking Outside of the Box Yes Lightly annotated
Killer French eBook Yes Fully annotated
Killer d4 eBook Yes Very lightly annotated
Killer Dutch eBook No
iChess Master Methods Yes Ask for details
iChess Empire Chess Varies Ask for details

If I purchase a download or streaming, do I need to order PGN files separately?

No. Where available, PGN files are included with our download and streaming packages. We also provide them as standalone products for physical DVD customers, or as a way to get a complete overview of the content prior to purchase.

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