How do I access my downloads?

When you order a downloadable product from us you'll receive two emails:

To download your files, right-click the link(s) on the download page and ‘Save File As…’, ‘Save Target As…’ or similar (the exact text varies according to web browser).

Video files are large, so make sure you have a stable internet connection. If you are having trouble with interrupted downloads you could try a download manager. We recommend Free Download Manager.

You can also log in to with the email address you used for your order and access your files from the My Account area, which is available from the dropdown menu showing your name after log in.

My download links have expired! What's going on?

By default the download links in the email you receive will expire after 7 days or 6 download attempts per file, whichever is first. If for any reason you need to access the files after that, you can contact us at and we'll extend the order.

Alternatively, you can also log in at to as above and access your files from the My Account area - the links here don't expire.

Why are you running two systems for accessing downloads?

The log in functionality is relatively new, and we want to make sure it works perfectly before switching off our third-party downloads provider, FetchApp, who serve the links in the email you receive.

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